Christopher Farrell

Welcome to my website

How am I?

My name is Christopher Walter Farrell and I am a college student at City of Glasgow College studying web development.

I have a passion for all things computer related, from building custom PC’s to in-car technology. 

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My Coding Languages


I have 4 years experience with HTML, my first encounter with HTML was in my 4th year of high school making simple website. I am now im my 2nd year of college for website development so it had a lasting effect on me.



I am currently learning JS in college and it quickly became my favourite coding language. The fun and freedom that I get using JS is one of the main reasons I love this language.


Like HTML, I have 4 years experience with CSS. Although its not my first choice, I still enjoy using CSS and how it changes a boring website into a premium looking website.



I am currently teaching myself C# before I start my second year in college.